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A to Z Metairie Demolition Co

Demolition Services and Clean Up in Metairie, LA

excavating the land with hydro hammer

If there’s demo work that you need done around your property, we know that you are looking for the professional service that can get it done ASAP, and get it done for the best price. Well, if you’re in the GNO area, that’s just what our team can do. We provide a truly comprehensive range of demolition services, designed to meet any needs that you might have. We can tear down houses, do tear outs and even provide commercial services too. So, if you want the very best of the “home demolition companies near me” we are the service for you.

About Us

We are the NOLA demo company that’s here to make sure that your next project runs smoothly. Whether you require demolition or site preparation services, our team can make sure that all works gets completed on time, so you won’t ever be faced with any delays or other hassles. Our services are available in a selection of locations in the GNO area, including Slidell, Kenner and LaPlace. So, if you are looking for the best of the demolition companies New Orleans has to offer, we are the team that you need.

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    Our Services

    Our Louisiana demolition service is here to meet all of your demo needs. Demolition and dismantling, demolition and salvage and a wide selection of demolition removal services are all part of what we do. We provide residential demo and offer some of the best house demolition prices. We also provide commercial services, excavation and even disaster relief and clean up. Whether you need small demolition work done or you’ve got a big job that requires serious tools and know how, our team has got your covered. So, get a demolition estimate now and see just how amazing our prices are.

    demolition of the residential area
    Residential Demolition

    The main focus of our selection of demolition services is our range of residential demolition services. Whether you require house demolition, fencing removal or any other related services, we are the team that offers unrivalled expertise and always has just the right tools for any job. With a residential demo cost that’s highly affordable, the price to demo a house is far less then than you might realize with our service. So, get the demo work you need done on your property done for the best price.

    demolition of the commercial building
    man drilling the wall
    Commercial Demolition

    Along with residential demolition, our service also focuses heavily on providing a range of commercial demolition services as well. Whatever the size of the job, or the work you need done, you can always count on the fact that our service has the tools and experience needed to get it done quickly. We can even handle concrete removal. Our fast and professional services means there will be no major or unnecessary interruptions or delays that could harm your business.

    Asbestos Testing and Removal

    Removal of asbestos-containing materials by someone untrained in the handling of this highly hazardous compound is never recommended. The team at A to Z Metairie Demolition Company are trained, licensed, and insured. We have special equipment and best practices in place to make sure the asbestos, a white fiber that is easily airborne, stays intact and where it belongs so we can safely
    remove it, or abate the problem.

    “There’s no one out there that offers a better or more affordable demo service.” Chad. O

    excavating the land for commercial
    Excavation/Foundation Removal

    Excavation work is something that’s often required for either site preparation or for demo purposes. That’s why we offer excavation services as part of what we do. With our service, you can be sure that all excavation work that’s required on your site or property will be completed as quickly as possible, so you don’t need to worry about any delays or hassles. As part of this overall service we can handle foundation demo and removal and even know how to demo a house with an excavator.

    man breaking the wall
    Interior Demo/Tear Out

    Beyond simply helping to tear down your house, our service is also able to meet a wide range of other demo needs. This includes interior demolition and tear out. We can provide this service as part of a larger remodeling or renovation project or for a range of other uses. So, if you need demo work done in your home, our reliable team is right for the job. Our service also includes demolition salvage. This include expertise in reclaimed doors New Orleans, reclaimed wood and even architectural salvage New Orleans.

    “They were quick and we got a great deal.” Jimmy. H

    demolition of the trees
    Tree Removal/Land Clearing

    Demolition isn’t all that we specialize in. There’s so much more we can help you get done on your site or around your property. In fact, we provide a selection of site preparation and related services, including our tree removal and land clearing services. We are the Matairie tree service that can help you get your property ready for further development. So, if you need the best of the tree services in New Orleans, just call us. We also offer grading and other site preparation services as well.

    demolition of the building
    Disaster Relief/Clean Up

    Living in New Orleans can often mean coming face to face with some pretty serious disasters. Such events can often leave your property in a real mess, and you may require a significant amount of help to set things in order again. Our disaster relief and clean up service is here to help. We are not only debris movers in New Orleans, but can also help with a range of other needs. This is yet another reason why we are the best of New Orleans demo companies.   

    “They were professional, caused no issues and they got job done so quickly. We couldn’t have been happier.” Mona. G

    Call Us Today

    If you need a demolition service, there’s no one better to call than us. Whether your needs are residential or commercial we are the demolition people in the Greater New Orleans area that have the equipment, experience and expertise you need to really get the job done. Our full range of services are both fast and professional, as well as being affordable. So, make sure you really get the job done, for the best price, by calling our service now.